Are e-cigarettes safe? (Informative Guide)

Are e-cigarettes safe? (Informative Guide)

The WHO report is 2016 reveals that over 1 billion people smoke worldwide. This means that one out of every 3 men and one out of every 20 women are regular smokers.

Smokers are at a relief after the e-cigars were introduced. The benefits are e-cigs over the traditional tobacco cigarettes is definitely high. Points below explain on whether e-cigs are really safe or not;


Carbon-Monoxide (CO):

  • E-cigars offer carbon monoxide free alternative to smoking. Hence, this means risk for many diseases are reduced.
  • There are no burning and smoke involved in the e-cig usage and hence is smoke free.
  • A normal smoker inhales around 20 parts per million of CO levels. This is very dangerous to health if prolonged for a longer time.
  • Hence, e-cigs are a better option to carry on the stress relief habit without worrying about the CO inhalation.



  • The toxicant consumption by e-cigarettes are relatively very less than the regular tobacco cigarettes.
  • However, it cannot be denied that long and heavy usage of nicotine can cause health damage.
  • Nicotine free liquids are completely safe for use and cause no harm to health.
  • It depends on the individual about how he would like his e-liquid to be – with or without nicotin contents.


Public belief:

  • As per a survey conducted by Journal of American Association of Nurse Practitioners, around 88% of people responded that vaping is very less harmful than smoking.
  • Another report by Public Health London states that vaping is 95% safer than the traditional smoking habits.
  • People have a positive point of view as far as e-cigars are considered and hence e-cigars have become very common in use.


Negative aspects:

  • Studies say that ingredients inhaled or boiled can have different effects than being directly eaten.
  • This question the vaporizing of natural substances in the e-liquid.
  • Currently no data on long term adverse effects. However, short term effects like headaches, nausea, restlessness etc. is reported. These short term effects tend to eliminate after a certain time.


Future of e-cigs:

  • E-cigars were introduced as a healthier version over traditional smoking with no side effects to health.
  • Constant efforts are carried out to make the vaping more flawless and vaper friendly.

Hence, we understand that vaping is a great substitute for smoking. This has an ability to make the world a smoke free and disease free place to live in.