Cyber bullying - A social media crime

Cyber bullying - A social media crime

Cyber bullying happens when false or hostile information is communicated on social media about a particular user. These activities are becoming rampant due to the lack mechanism that can detect the culprits behind cyber bullying accounts. The victims of a prolonged cyber bullying usually end up with psychological disorders like depression, isolation, stress, loneliness etc.

The offensive acts involved in cyber bullying along with the legal measures taken to prevent this act are explained as below;


Offensive cyber bullying acts: 

  • Targeting a victim and constantly sending rude and inappropriate messages.
  • Passing derogatory remarks and comments that can end up to depression among the victim.
  • Posting or morphing victims’ photographs without their consent and posting them in the social media with the intention to humiliate and insult the victim.
  • Using victim’s virtual identity for creating duplicate emails or social media accounts in order to use it against others. This includes publicizing inappropriate photos or messages about the third person and demonstrating the victim as the culprit.
  • Threatening the victim about revealing personal or embarrassing details online and sharing it with others.
  • Sending threat messages to harm the victim or messages that question the safety of the victim is also a case of cyber bullying.
  • Rude or nasty comments on looks, personality and sexual behavior of an individual are a type of cyber bullying.


The legal measures taken to prevent cyber bullying:

  • All the states in the US have introduced their own laws again cyber bullying. Half of the states have officially banned ‘cyber bullying.’
  • Cyber bullying case happening within the school premises are usually handled by the school authorities. These are considered as civil crimes rather than criminal crimes.
  • The punishments involved with such cases are usually strict which includes suspension, detention or even expulsion depending on the severity of the case.
  • The school has the authority to punish a student for violating the social media policy, even if the cyber bully’s does not cover the state law or school policies.
  • In extreme cases like stalking, virtual harassment or blackmailing the offense can be counted as criminal.
  • The legal punishment for such cases can involve a fine of up to $500, imprisonment of up to six months or sometimes both.

Hence, from the above, we understand that cyber bullying reflects the darker side of the use social media. Government measures are on their way to completely eradicate this practice from their roots.