Social Media (A New Addiction in Teens)

Social Media (A New Addiction in Teens)

Social media is popular among teenagers as they can stay updated about the current status of other people’s lives. The excitement to know more or to gather more information keeps them hooked to their phones for a long time. Such prolonged uses can gradually develop into an addiction among the youngsters. The causes and effects of this addiction are explained as below;


Causes of social media addiction:

  • If a kid is exposed to social media when he is bored, lonely, stressed, depressed etc, he would find it interesting to be appreciated and active on the social platform. This can turn into a habit, whenever the child is lonely or wants to kill his time.
  • Children who are deprived of family love and care are usually emotionally disturbed. Such children can easily get attracted to the virtual world where they can be themselves and express their thoughts without worrying about others.
  • Kids who are shy and quiet by nature can find it difficult to make friends and socialize in the actual world. Hence, such children usually find social media as a platform to make friends and socialize in the virtual world.


Effects of social media addiction:

The effects can be basically of two types: Behavioural and Physical

Behavioural effects:

  • Less interest in meeting friends and socializing.
  • Tendency to be on their own even if surrounded with people.
  • Becoming restless depressed and irritated if not able to get access to social media.
  • Spending more time alone in one room along with the latest devices.
  • Privacy and insecurities increase, which lead to loneliness and isolation.
  • Aggressive reactions can be expected if adults try to keep them away from the social media portals.

Physical effects:

  • Eyesight can be greatly affected due to prolonged exposure to electronic devices.
  • Headaches, strained vision, blurry eyes are some of the common symptoms found.
  • Sleeplessness is yet another effect of social media addiction. The child might face problems in sleeping.
  • Fluctuating weight is the other major issue faced. Rapid increase or decrease in weight can be observed for which there are no reasonable explanations.
  • Disorders like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (numbness, weakness in the wrist due to pressure on the median nerve) are developed.

Hence, from the above, we understand that if the prolonged exposure of kids to social media if not checked and handled immediately, it can negatively affect their academic and social life patterns.