Social Media - Major cause of depression among young generation

Social Media - Major cause of depression among young generation

Social media is a good platform to socialize and come in the limelight among a particular group or media. It is found that a person who is socially active and positively accepted by a huge crowd usually develops a good rapport in the society. Now, what about those who are not socially accepted or left out of such public media?

Social media can be terrifying for some due to the bad experiences faced. These experiences come from the unwanted publicity of one’s personal life, bullying, inferiority complex etc. Such insults can result in depression and anxiety among the victims. The effects and measures for tackling such depressions are explained below;


Effects of high social media exposure:

  • Content that becomes a subject of jokes among friends or viewers can badly disturb the emotional balance of the victims, especially teenagers and young adults.
  • Selfies have become very common on social media. Overexposure of the personal life on social platform can make a person and easy prey for online stalkers. Such depression can sometimes even generate suicidal tendencies among the teenagers.
  • Sleeplessness is the other reason for depression among internet users. Adolescents, if not prompted or stopped, tend to stay active for longer durations, especially during nights. This finally results in less sleep, causing health issues.
  • People who usually use mobiles, laptops and tablets, etc. before going to bed stay more active till late nights online. This adversely affects the quality of their sleep.
  • Feeling inferior about one’s own looks and comparing oneself with others also results in depression among the youngsters.
  • Body image concerns are one of the most dangerous issues faced by teens, especially among girls, which makes them mentally and emotionally unstable.


Measures to overcome this depression:

  • It would be best to change one’s lifestyle and live a more time offline rather than online.
  • Avoiding usage of mobile and laptops, etc. while going to sleep should be avoided. This would help in having a complete sleep, which would automatically improve mental health.
  • Social media should be mostly used for positive reasons like keeping in touch with former school and college friends, gathering recent news and information’s etc.
  • Comparisons and inferiority complex should be avoided.


Thus, from the above, it’s clear that Social media effects are very detrimental. These effects adversely change the future of the youngsters. A change in the thinking pattern is required to overcome this adversity.